Sunday 30th June 2013 LA VOZ DE GALICIA

(Galician Newspaper)

Antonio Pomares Olivares, creator of a Mathe-Magic Show

“The Magic Square can motivate children to add”
He has already done this Mathe-Magic Show in three schools in FOZ

By Yolanda Garcia / The Voice (La VOZ)

Mathe-Magic is born from the fusion together of the two joined sisters, Mathematics and Magic. And it is brought alive by 66 year old retired Antonio Pomares Olivares, that using the name of The Wizard of FOZ, pays homage to the village where he lives, (as well as London and Alicante). His show is based on the traditional 4x4 Magic Square where groups of four numbers add up to 34, Asian origin and brought into Europe by Albert Durero in his famous picture.
He has shown his unique version of The FOZ Magic Square to young students in FOZ and expect to do the same during San Lorenzo festivities.

How this idea came about?

  1. I always liked numbers. And now that I am retired ,I have the time. Last year I was playing with coloured magnets on my fridge door and I was able to put them in such a way that not a colour was repeated. I thought that I could do the same with the 4x4 Magic Square, improving it. And although a little bit more complicated I was able to transpose this to the traditional Spanish deck of 48 cards. I saw in this new Magic Square the potential to motivate the children to practice calculus.

Where is the Magic in it?

  1. It is very curious and noticeable that all add up the same 34, and that 30 of the 48 cards can be “guessed” by the audience. Is not only a show, otherwise I will consider it a failure. I would like people to continue playing at home, either as a Solitaire or as a game with another person, to keep the mind busy. This activity is similar to a Sudoku.

How do you promote it?

    • I have a Japanese friend, Chieko Miyatake, who has designed a webpage ( and I will also do the show in London and Alicante, to elderly people as well.